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Fees and Dues for Admission at Swedish College

There are very nominal dues and fees for the regular students of Government Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology Gujrat. But it will be a little bit more for the students which seek admission on “Self Finance Scheme”. Dues are collected annually, three times in the whole duration of 3 years Diploma of Associate Engineer.

The fee at the time of admission to Government Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology is about Rs. 5,000 for day-scholars. And the students who want to avail the hostel facility shall have to pay an extra fee as hostel dues of about Rs. 1,500. In these amounts some are Security Deposits that will be reimbursed at the time of completion of your Diploma or leaving the college for any other reason.

After the first year, fee for second year and third year is less than the fee of first year it is about Rs. 2,000 annually.

Hostellers shall have to bear the fuel, electricity charges and staff wages on equal basis.

Above given fee and dues are calculated on past experience and it may be vary at the time of admission by the orders of competent authority.

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