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Syed Jawwad Raza - Swedish Club Member

Syed Jawwad Raza is an ex-student of Swedish College and now he has joined the Swedish Club. His complete introduction is as following as described by him.


I was just googling internet and found this blog about SPIT. I am an ex SPIT student and got my diploma in Instrument Technology (1993-1996)
After that I am working in oil and gas industry.
Currently I am working in Angola, Africa with Chevron (one of the biggest oil company in world). My job is 28/28 rotational job. I work in Angola 28 days and spend 28 days in Gujrat with my family.
I wanna join this swedish club and I can guide the new students to make right career paths.

Jawwad Raza, Syed
Analyzer Advisor
ChevronTexaco Overseas Petroleum
ANGOLA, West Africa

Full Name
Syed Jawwad Raza
Nickname (if any)

Technology/ Department
City/ Town/ Village
Current Position/ Job Status
Instrument & Analyzer Advisor
Company/ Organization Name
Chevron Texaco
Do you improve your education? Do you get any other degree or diploma after DAE?
Got a lot of professional certifications from all over the world.
Are you doing any job or your own business? (You can also introduce your business or company in which you are working)
How was your study experience at SPIT Gujrat?
Not bad
Any achievement during education or after completing your education?
worked with fortune 100 companies like CHEVRON, BP, SAUDI ARAMCO AND PETRONAS
Any suggestions for present students of SPIT Gujrat!
A lot. Be focus on your goals and don't take any job usuriously.
Any suggestions or recommendations for the teachers, instructors and administration of SPIT Gujrat!
Make sure the equipment and technology you have in widely used by students. Encourage students for experiments.
Any suggestions or recommendations for PBTE Lahore, TEVTA, Provincial Government of Punjab and Federal Government of Pakistan!
Review the course of Instrumetation and add some more subjects related to electrical sircuits and electronics.
Any comments about this website blog!
Need a lot to improve and add. But it is overall a good start
You can also add your contact information, if you want to share with others.
You can also send us your photos to publish here
attached with his email

Photos of Syed Jawwad Raza


  1. Sohail MunawarApril 19, 2011

    Asslamoelekum Jawad.
    This is me Sohail Munawar your next door neighbor Mech. Tech 1993-1996. I am glad to see this blog online and happy to hear that you are working in Oil industry in Africa.
    I am in USA and working in Power industry, I was hired by the Packages limited Lahore at one of their Power Plant in 1996, and then after few years I came to USA and working in Power plant ever since.
    Anyways good luck and keep drilling oil.
    Khuda Hafiz
    Sohail Munawar

  2. Sohail Bhai can you share your contacts pls

    Syed Zubair Ahsan
    SPIT Mech 1994-97
    Uch power Plant Pakistan


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