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Muhammad Arshed - Swedish Club Member

Full Name: Muhammad Arshed

Technology/ Department: Electronics

Session: 1986 to 1989

City/ Town/ Village: Gujranwala / Ahmad Nagar

Current Position/ Job Status: Customer Service Engineer

Company/ Organization Name: Saudi Xerox Agencies Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar city

Do you improve your education? Do you get any other degree or diploma after DAE? : BCom through AIOU (Still Contineue)

Are you doing any job or your own business? (You can also introduce your business or company in which you are working): I am on job with Saudi Xerox Agencies Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar city. It is a leading company worldwide in Printing solutions, Printers, copiers, for office and Press Production environment.

How was your study experience at SPIT Gujrat? : It was an unforgettable experience, nothing is like SPIT

Any achievement during education or after completing your education? In all 3 years of study there were 9 exams (2 terms and 1 final exam for each year) I achieved the 1st position in all 9 exams in our technology. Finally I achieved 73% marks in over all with distinction.

Any suggestions for present students of SPIT Gujarat! Please be away from Politics and concentrate on your study

Any suggestions or recommendations for the teachers, instructors and administration of SPIT Gujrat! Please be friendly with students not like their masters

Any suggestions or recommendations for PBTE Lahore, TEVTA, Provincial Government of Punjab and Federal Government of Pakistan! Try to avoid the over loading of number of student per class, in my time it was 20. 

Any comments about this website blog! Thanks a lot to provide this fantastic platform

You can also add your contact information, if you want to share with others.m.arshed@saudixerox.com

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  1. Sir pretty nice Rules you have mentioned for students should be away from politics things you cant change should not get involved. Sir do your Rawalpindi branch offers admission to girls? waiting your reply sir


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